How to be a!?

I don’t freakin’ know.  All I know is that for 30 years of my life I lived in tracksuit pants, jeans and the occasional set of tights, and now I find myself in world of high heels, pedicures and no smudge lipstick.  It’s been quite the learning curve.

To give you a slight backstory (without going all Forrest Gump on you), I grew up a tomboy, studied a Bachelor’s degree in sports sciences at university and then spent 10-years as your typical baseball cap wearing Personal Trainer in various gyms and studios around Australia and Europe.  I knew how to hang with the boys, talk about sport and get really quite annoyed when my female friends would take hours getting ready for a night out.

What I didn’t know how to do was fumble around in my emotions, express ANYTHING that I was actually feeling and I had no concept of what it took to be submissive to a man – and certainly no idea of why it would ever be necessary on my pathway to fulfillment.

Don’t get me wrong, I did have some feminine tendencies constant throughout all of this.  For one, I LOVE a good romantic comedy (yes, Mr Darcy stepping out of the water in his white shirt is up there in my ‘best TV moments’ too), I am quite definitely interested in relationships with men and chocolate is one of my more favourite food choices.

So up until I began this blog, I’d really just played around in this exploration of all things feminine.  Now, in the final sprint to my 34th birthday with a burgeoning business, enough money to pay my way in the world and a Facebook relationship status that has been paused on ‘single’ for the past 3-years, I am ready to dive heartfirst into this experience of what it means to be a woman.