Today I stopped being busy.

HIGH POINT: Dancing around the room – less the silly hat this time around

LOW POINT: Trying to inject fun into doing laundry

BIGGEST LEARNING: I’m too busy having fun to be busy

This morning while reading ‘Game of Thrones’ over coffee in a local beachside cafe, a patron came inside and said – patronisingly – to the wait staff: ‘If you two aren’t too busy doing nothing, could you show me how to open this umbrella?’

That pricked up my ears on a number of levels.  Having worked in hospitality for a number of years, I was taken right back to those moments when I would’ve happily thrown a tray of filled pint glasses over certain customers.  The part that intrigued me more though was his equating of busy, with worthwhile.

That is if you’re not busy, then you mustn’t be doing anything of value.

In reality, the two female staff were ‘busy’ having a wonderful moment of connection as they got ready for the day ahead.  I looked around and there were no customers waiting, no tables to be cleared and the place was otherwise clean.  I’m sure they could’ve found something to do but for the sake of taking a couple of minutes for shared conversation, I’m pretty sure their roster of duties could wait.

This game of ‘who’s the busiest wins’ is something that fascinates me.  Being busy has taken on some magical element to our lives without which, we mustn’t be important.  If I’m not busy doing something, then who am I?!

I’m just so busy!

Oh man, I’ve been sooo busy!

Could I BE any busier?!

Over the past 12-month months I’ve been observing this notion within myself because I’ll be honest, my life is pretty darn relaxed – now.  This week alone I have been able to share deliciously long conversations with close girlfriends, lay on the beach, play with the dogs, take afternoon naps and spend as much time as I enjoy doing things purely for pleasure.

If you’re noticing a somewhat self-congratulatory tone, you’d be absolutely right!  I’m pretty darn proud of myself for being able to live the life I do.

Every day I have time to meditate, drink coffee, connect with friends on Facebook….oh, and I probably should add at this point that I still get plenty of the ‘busy’ stuff done.  In fact when I sit down to work, it’s done in far less time and with infinitely less effort.  Most of the time anyway….I’m still human.

Yet frequently I have found myself feeling guilty over my easy lifestyle.  In fact there have been days when I’ve become aware of myself slotting in unnecessary activities, just so that I can fill what feels like wasted space.

So I had to ask myself the question, if I weren’t so busy, what would I do with my time?  A year ago I didn’t have an answer, now I do.

I have fun – and as much of it as I can.  In fact, fun has become such a main driver that not only does it flow through my ‘playtime’, but I do my best to not take on any work unless I know it will be fun for me to do.

We no longer merely survive in an industrial age with sixteen hour days and a dinner of gruel and tepid water (OK, so maybe I’ve read too much Dickens).  We thrive in a time where yes, work is important but not mutually exclusive to relaxation and enjoyment and goofiness and basic contentment and dancing round the room wearing a silly hat.

It really is OK to sit on the couch and…no, that’s it!  Just sit.

So this is me officially giving up my place at the busy table.  Time for a nap.