Today I created quickly.

HIGH POINT: When I press publish on this blog with time to spare!

LOW POINT:  Knowing that this is one thing I can’t outsource 

BIGGEST LEARNING:  Do the ironing before inspiring greatness

This whole blogging exercise is all well and good – right up until you’re on a tight schedule and doing your best to create a 400 word masterpiece in minutes.

Say something profound!  Give rise to greatness!  Verbalise some rare insight that will alter someone’s life forever!  Just don’t take too long about it. We’re on a deadline here.

So creative mind of mine, I ask you: what uncommon slice of wisdom do you have for me today?  What gem of understanding will you pull up from the cloudy depths?


Dangit!  Where are you when I need you!

FOCUS!  Stop thinking about ironing and sleep and shopping lists and emails and Star Wars.  Look at the screen.  Be amazing – but do it now.  We’ve got places to be!

Hmm…should I try channelling some literary great?  Or perhaps cheat the game again with another of my lists?

I’ve retired from my online search addiction so I can’t even Google ‘How do I  innovate in 30-minutes or less?’

This is getting silly.  I’m no JK Rowling sitting in her hotel room while the world waits for Harry Potter #7.  For starters, I could never have  hatched a character so delightfully despicable as Dolores Umbridge.

Is there an off-switch to the left-brain by any chance?

Wasn’t I just talking yesterday about how relaxed and un-busy my life was?  What was I thinking?!

Oh dear, this is not going to plan at all.  Lucky for me the ‘haters’ have been pretty silent on this blog.

So that’s it I guess.  On this, Day 27,  I’ll just have to settle for a mildly inventive hunt for original thought.

Wonder if I have time for a nana nap?