Today I finished simply.

HIGH POINT: Celebrating a new beginning

LOW POINT: Quoting Rihanna

BIGGEST LEARNING:  Women are here to be seen.  Our only role is to keep dusting off the layers that stop this from happening.

There is so much I wished to share on this, the final day; my biggest learnings, all that I’m grateful for, who exactly am I now compared to back then, was I actually able to answer the question ‘what is it like to be submissive to a man?!?’….I even began this post 3 different times but nothing felt quite right.

With so many avenues I could’ve gone down to celebrate this ending, all I really wanted to say was: it’s only just begun.

Two days ago I sat in a room full of women and realised that being a woman is not about learning anything new or becoming more submissive/nurturing/dainty/delicate/pink-lace wearing girlie…it’s simply about radiating as much of ourselves as we can at any given moment.

And that process is a lifelong experience.

So before I press pause on this particular experience, there are a couple of things I do know for sure:

  1. I will keep writing
  2. I am already a uniquely feminine woman

And in answer to the very first question that I posed on the homepage of this blog, ‘How to be a!?’  Perhaps the great poet that is Rihanna sums it up perfectly when she says very simply, ‘Shine bright like a diamond.’

Or if you prefer, the Bangles when they said ‘Walk Like an Egyptian’.  Either one works for me.