Man!  I feel like a woman.  This could be interesting…

It’s FEMININE appreciation month everyone!  OK, so I”ve just named it that because my November challenge (now that I have chosen to accept it in the face of much fear, self-doubt and ‘where the heck is this going to take me’ freak-out moments) is to spend the next 30-days exploring, investigating and fully extracting (wrong word perhaps!) my feminine core.  Why?  Because as I often say, I’ll give anything a go once – especially if what I’ve been doing up until this point is no longer useful.

So…the next 4-weeks will be all about this flowy, pink-filled, lace-driven side of myself that is in need of some serious attention.  And for any men who are wondering where that leaves you, I would suggest pulling out your spears, marking your place in the sand, and doing whatever the masculine equivalent might be.